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White House petition, anyone?

2013-02-04 15:36:09 by m1kclark

I know this seems out of place, but did anyone see that Rolling Stone article, the one about banks and the Federal Reserve? Well, even though no-one asked me, I decided to use my scientist skills on it; I looked up numbers and did some math. And it seems to me that banks are keeping $1.5 trillion dollars in the Fed. That is money they could use for loans ... but they aren't.

And I don't like that, because loans are good. Especially for places like NewGrounds. NG members include artists, game developers and programmers who are perfectly suited to start their own ventures, like forming an online-game company or to use funding to get started on a massive project. So I made a petition. Plenty of imaginative people could use loans to build a career and to build a good life, if only a bank would be willing to lend it to us. But first, they'd have to take that money out of the Fed. So feel free to check out the petition. ney-stored-banks-federal-reserve-when-excess-res erve-holds-more-10-billion/sTrpqGcM

Inspire me (3D art)

2011-05-16 18:32:07 by m1kclark

I occasionally dabble in mediocre 3D art, but have been completely uninspired recently for what to model, as most of my ideas are either so simple they're stupid, or so difficult they're discouraging. Any suggestions from the world? Thanks for reading.

Inspire me (3D art)

Game idea

2011-02-22 01:14:08 by m1kclark

So Firefox has/had this thing where you used the mouse to navigate within the page: clicking and sliding left was "Back", the reverse was "Forward", and tracing an "h" shape would send you to your home page. I'm thinking of working this into a flash game. Now I just have to learn mtasc, develop a system of reliably but simply detecting mouse motions, and create a ton of artwork. ... You know, no biggie or anything. >_<